The experimental sites of the Project are in Vicenza (Veneto Region) and in San Benedetto del Tronto (Marche Region). The two cities are characterized by different approaches to solid urban waste management and by different typology of actors operating in the used goods sector.

In Vicenza, the partner Social Cooperative Insieme has been efficiently running for more than 30 years recycling and preparation for reuse activities, in collaboration with the local solid urban waste management company Valore Ambiente of Gruppo A.I.M Vicenza Spa (also project partner), which achieved in Vicenza 65% target of separate waste collection. The activities consist in collection, cleaning and repairing of reusable waste items for their reintroduction into the used goods market, and PRISCA project aims at supporting and improving the local reuse supply chain.

In Vicenza the reuse supply chain is supported by several structures: the municipal waste collection centers (currently the Ricicleria Ovest, but others will be involved);the waste selection area, the recovery areas (cleaning, repairing etc.), the storehouse, the retail centers run by the Cooperative Insieme. During the project the current volumes of activity will be increased, thanks to a new larger storehouse, recently acquired in the Municipality of Grisignano, nearby Vicenza.

In San Benedetto del Tronto, the Project will implement the PRISCA model starting from scratch. The partner Comune di San Benedetto del Tronto will acquire the suitable structure for the storehouse and the cleaning and repairing laboratories and will select a Social Cooperative to run the activities according to the model.


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