The PRISCA Project (Pilot project for scale re-use starting from bulky waste stream) concerns the implementation of two Reuse Centers, where reusable items can be intercepted at urban solid waste flows going through municipal Waste Collection centers.

These reusable items are then ‘prepared for reuse’ through operations of control, cleaning or repairing, and finally reintroduced  into the market through wholesale or retail activities.

In parallel to the demonstration activity of the project, communication and sensitization activities on the reuse targeted to the citizens nationwide and to Institutions, both at national and European level, will be carried out so as to network the project with other European good practices in the same field.

PRISCA Project (ENV11/IT/000277) is financed by LIFE+ Programme for Environment . It started in September 2012 and will finish in June 2015. Partners of the project are: Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (project leader), Occhio del Riciclone ONLUS, Social Cooperative Insieme of Vicenza, Valore Ambiente of Vicenza, Municipality of San Benedetto del Tronto, WWF Research and Projects.

The objectives

The general objective of the project is to test a model for a Reuse Centre in order to reduce significantly the amount of reusable items disposed in landfill from solid urban waste flows. The achievement of such targets requires the active participation of citizens and therefore, a relevant part of the project is devoted to increase awareness among the general public on waste prevention and reduction themes, focusing, through the implementation of the PRISCA model,  on the reuse of second life items and on the reduction of environmental impacts connected to the implementation of environmental sustainable consumption behaviors.

The specific objective of the project is the validation and reproducibility of the model: the implementation of other Reuse Centers will allow for the reuse of significant amounts of items from the solid urban waste flows, which currently are mostly directed to disposal in landfills. The amount of reusable items is estimated to be around 60%.

Project description

The project includes the implementation of pilot Reuse Centers in collaboration with local municipal waste collection centers, local authorities, social cooperatives, local solid urban waste management companies and academic partners. The activities are supervised and receive technical-scientific support  by Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and by the socio-economic research center Occhio del Riciclone ONLUS.

During the experimental stage scheduled in the Project, the partners will monitor and evaluate managerial and organizational models, economic sustainability, environmental performances, legislative compliance. In addition an optimized storehouse will be organized, which will allow for  the optimization of the goods flow reintroduced in the market after the recovery stage.

In order to achieve higher reuse targets in Vicenza, the Cooperative Insieme, which is already active in recycling activities and in reused goods management,  will reorganize its collection, reuse preparation and sale activities according to the PRISCA model, in collaboration with Valore Ambiente srl,which isthe local urban waste management company.

In San Benedetto del Tronto the Municipality will support the establishment of a new Reuse Centre and will assign its management to a new social cooperative, thus generating new jobs. 

Dissemination and communication activities of the project will be in charge to WWF Ricerche e Progetti srl. 20 seminars nationwide, 3 conferences and 2 national workshops will be organized during the project to inform and sensitize citizens, stakeholders and institutional actors at national and international level.

Expected results

The project aims at demonstrating the possibility of reusing up to 60% of waste disposed by citizens at intermediate collection centers through the implementation of the Reuse Centers

Stages and timetable of the project 

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