Comune di San Benedetto del Tronto

The Municipality of San Benedetto del Tronto is a Public Body. As contemplated by art. 3 of the Municipal Statute:

“All the administrative functions regarding population and territory pertain to our Administration, mainly within the organic sectors dealing with the services to person and community, as well as the functions related to structure and management of the territory and to economic development”.

All the competences regarding life quality are of importance, as well as building healthy communities and active citizenship promotion, useful for building up a culture of participation.

There are many services activated by the Administration, whose activity will be adequately qualified by the present application.

In the field of waste the Municipality has activated the following services:

  • Collection, transport, and disposal of municipal solid waste,
  • Collection of separated waste - dry fraction, wet fraction,
  • Sweeping and cleaning services of streets, squares and public areas,
  • Cutting weeds on roads, sidewalks and other activities of management and maintenance of public parks,
  • Management and maintenance of rivers and beaches,
  • Management and maintenance of municipal landfill,
  • Ecological islands,
  • Promotion of the concepts of environmental education and better management of waste recovery.

The Municipality is a member of international organizations with goals aimed at improving the quality of life:

  • ICLEI,
  • Italian Local Agenda 21,
  • 21 Waste Network,
  • Civitas Forum Network,

Covenant of Mayor.

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