Insieme Società Cooperativa Sociale S.r.l.

Social Cooperative Insieme

The Cooperative was established in 1979. It  employees 120 working partners and 30 working volunteers and  has 70 positions available for social inclusion. It  is a non-profit organization with the aim of the human promotion by means of reciprocal cooperation.

The Cooperative works on three operative areas:

Welcoming and inclusion

Insieme cooperates with the local social services (Municipality, Local Sanitary Unit, Ministry of Justice): during 30 years of activity,  more than 600 minors, young and adult people in social exclusion situations were introduced to work inclusion programmes.


The Cooperative is organized through the self management of the activities and the economic resources produced.


The activity is focused on collecting and appraising of used furniture, clothes and objects, thus contributing to decrease wastes. These items are  repaired or treated for recycle and sold, according to the principle of ‘maximising reuse and minimising waste’

The Cooperative provides the following services:

-          Collection of used items and second-hand market

-          Wholesale of reusable items and materials

-          Clearing outs

-          Conduction of local  Intermediate Waste Collection Centres

-          Refurbishment laboratory

-          Antique trade

-          Creative recycling

-          Bar ‘al barco’

-          Educational programmes

Insieme Società Cooperativa Sociale a.r.l.

V. Dalla Scola 255, 36100 Vicenza
tel. +390444301065 fax +390444511067

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